In a note, how link to a smart group?

Is there any way to make a link inside a note to an existing smart group?

I created a Smart Group then did a “Copy Item Link” of it, which appeared in text as follows…

Is there some way I can make this a clickable link in a Note? In Markdown (preferably) or some other format?

I tried entering the following (inside a markdown note within DT 3.6.2) but all it resulted in was a small box containing a question mark (white, against light blue square), and clicking that did nothing.


Many thanks for any tips

Why are you prefixing the link with an exclamation point? That is the syntax for creating an image link.


is a proper link to a smart group. Note it will open the smart group in a new main window; it won’t change the selection of the current window. If you wanted the selection to change, add ?reveal=1 after the UUID.

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Perfect, thank you

No problem. :slight_smile: