In Box

I know this is explained in release notes but I can’t get my head around it. When I drag a file to in box it is held there until application is opened. If I click on send to devonthink it opens several databases but file is in neither one (though it’s no longer in in box). I’ve also opened a specific database with same result: file disappears from in box but is nowhere to be found.

Did you check ~Library -> Application Support -> DEVONthink Pro 2 -> Inbox?

I found my files there and imported them to the database(s).

Thanks for the tip. I found the files there. However, there must be a more user friendly way of retrieving in box files to export to data bases.

There is-don’t use the Global Inbox until this feature is fully functional in DT 2. From the Upgrader’s Guide:

Since DT2 doesn’t support the universal inbox yet, everything that you drop in the standard inbox will seem to disappear. They will appear once ${software} has this inbox in one of the next public beta releases. As a workaround, you can drag the inbox of your preferred databases into the window and use those for the time being.

The global Inbox is not yet fully functional in this first public beta version. It’s written in the release notes, as far as I remember.

Me too, I hope they will change this as soon as possible. What I am missing most: using the shortkey for copying a snippet from Safari for instance to the Sorter, does not retain the URL.