in fuzzy search, a AND b gives different results than b AND

Shouldn’t the results be the same?

I tried verifying, optimizing and finally rebuilding the database, and the results remain the same.

This a search on name, with Fuzzy checked. It looks like the problem occurs where there is 1 full and 1 partial “instance” of a and none of b.

If I uncheck Fuzzy, behavior is correct.

I’ve attached screenshots.

My experience has been that the results from fuzzy searches can at times be fuzzy as well. As I understand the fuzzy function, its primary purpose is targeted at identifying misspelled words, especially due to a hiccup with the OCR of documents. From your example, I am speculating from your example that you are searching on terms that may be more suitable to using wild cards. So if you want to search for ‘InDesign’, ‘design’, transparency, and ‘transparent’, then ‘design’ 'transparen’ should find all occurrences. The ‘AND’ is implicit in simple searches, but it doesn’t hurt to use it either.

The results should actually be the same. Could you send the documents visible on the screenshots or a small example database to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!