In office on iOS: Possible to make DTTG available in "Other locations"?

Currently, when I want to access data in DTTG via Excel/Word on iOS, I always have to go via “Open” > “More” > “DEVONthink To Go”

Is there a way, to make DTTG available directly in the “Open” dialog in section “OTHER LOCATIONS”? Like “OneDrive” or “Dropbox”? Would save one tap (we are all lazy, aren’t we (more or less)).

DEVONthink To Go acts as a document and file provider. So it should already show up here. Maybe you need to switch it on in the More section?

In the meanwhile I checked the internet for more information, and I see your point. Activating DEVONthink in “Places” > “More” should actually bring DEVONthink to section “Other location”… But it doesn’t. It is activated, but will not be displayed. I try do de- and re-activate it, but with no change. Funny: When I am deactivating other entries like “iPad” or “Dropbox” in dialog “More”, it has also no effect. Perhaps I should delete and re-install Excel.

Re-installed Excel, but with no change/effect to this behaviour. Strange :frowning:

This is how anything that’s a file provider for iOS works. The only “Add a Place…” locations that we can add to Office apps is cloud storage providers or SharePoint online sites. Otherwise, everything on your iPad that is file provider is accessed via “More…”. The Office apps do not support adding these permanently to the Open menu, for DEVONthink or any other file provider on iOS.

Perhaps this will change in iPadOS. Or, you could ask Microsoft what their plans are.

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Ok. Just wanna ensure, that I didn’t miss anything. iPadOS is a good hint. Let’s see, how it will work then. Thanks for your feedback!


Thank you for investigating this, @korm. We don’t have Excel installed here and I was just about to do so to check what it is doing.