In thumbnail view, can't select small items if listed last

This bug was actually already present in DT2 (sorry for not reporting it previously):

I have a PDF containing one or more A4-sized page(s) and one page sized 101*54 mm (packing label) in the last position. I view the document and set the inspector to thumbnail-view. If I now want to select the last page (the small one), I cannot. It highlights momentarily, but the highlight then reverts back to the page above (the larger one). Right-clicking the last page does bring up the context menu, but anything I select applies to the highlighted larger page. The only thing I can do is grab the smaller page and move it to any position other than the last one - at which point it behaves like any other page, can be selected etc.

If the last page is in portrait (i.e. 54*101 mm) it also behaves like any other page. So the problem seems to be a required minimum document height.

This is known issue due to shortcomings of the PDFkit of the latest macOS releases. Could you send such a document to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!

the deed is done!

Thanks, beta 3 will fix this.

I have never worked with such a responsive developer - thank you all once again for your patience, persistence and love to your product!

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Thank you for the kudos and reporting all these bugs - highly appreciated!

b3 has fixed this - thanks :slight_smile: