Inbox as Home/Top Group

Hello everyone,

In setting up my database, I followed an excellent tip here and made an “*Inbox” group. Is there a way to designate this inbox as the database’s start-up page/homepage/Top Group? Right now my Top Group (the window my database opens on) is empty unless there’s an item I haven’t yet filed in a group. I suppose that’s an inbox of sorts, but not as I’d like it!

Many thanks,

Susan, you can have as many view and document windows open as you wish, and (after you’ve established a default database in Preferences) you can set a Preferences option to remember the windows that were last open before a database was quit, so the same set will open next time.

I’ve got a number of open windows and use Expose to quickly switch between them.

At the moment my “home page” is a picture of my "new’ log cabin.