Inbox changed to Eingang

We have multiple DT3 Pro users, all sync fine.

We added a new colleague, who has a German installation of DT3 Pro. (the only one in our group)

After he synced for the first time, all users of the same database had their Inbox renamed to Eingang.

Not a major problem, but is there any way to rename ours back Inbox?

Which inbox is actually affected - the global one or one of a certain database? Are unified inboxes (see Preferences > General) en- or disabled?

Only the Inbox of the Database which is being synced.

Inboxes are NOT unified.

In that case you can select the inbox in the main view and change the name via the Info inspector.

I can’t see anyway to do this? The info inspector when Eingang is selected only shows the name of the Database.

When selecting any other folder it does indeed show the folder name, which is editable, but not when selecting Eingang.

A screenshot would be useful.

Does this script fix the issue?

tell application id "DNtp" to set name of incoming group of database named "Suppliers" to "Inbox"

Yes. All fixed. Thanks Christian!