Inbox count not matching on DTPro and DTTG

Devonthink on the Mac is showing 1 less inbox item than DTTG. This has persisted after doing a resync and re-install on DTTG. For some reason the iPhone is always showing 1 more file than the
MAC, even when removing all files from the inbox. (Aka 0 files on inbox, and DTTG shows the flag for 1 file). Interestingly there is not actually a file in that folder.

Any thoughts?

Something similar has been discussed here recently, and it seems that there the difference was related to items in the trash.

Does verifying & repairing the database on the iPhone fix the inconsistency?

Cleared the trash and no help.

No, I did this without any benefit.

No files show in the trash or the inbox, but I did find a tag remaining listed with no files, but when I clicked on the tag a file did show up (even though the info for the tag said no files and size was 0). After I deleted the tag the global inbox now matches on devices.

Do you use the latest version 3.5.4?

Yes on the latest version. While I did get it fixed, it is weird that no files showed (but database said it was there) and it was only under tags. The file was also not visible in the trash or database. Only the tag pane.

If you see this again, please let us know.