Inbox gone

I’ve now experienced, for the second time, my Inbox disappearing. There should be an Inbox automatically open on app launch, no? Mine’s gone, taking with it all the files it contained.

What now, fellas? And why hasn’t this issue been fixed with the last major update?

Mac OS 10.5.8; Latest version of DevonThink Pro

This is unfortunate. FWIW, I can assure you, this is not a normal situation. :frowning:

This is a hard problem to diagnose with a forum dialog. There is some help here (search.php?st=0&sk=t&sd=d&sr=posts&keywords=missing+inbox), but I’d suggest you might want to contact DEVONthink’s support staff here, or here, or

Thanks for the reply. I’ll do that.

FYI I’ve made my own Inbox, called MyInbox, which I habitually leave at the top of the heap, so save-to-Devon stuff falls into that folder.


Thanx. From that thread you sent I found this, from the always reliable Mr. Grunenberg:

I followed those instructions, closed Devon, opened it, and poof I’ve got the Global Inbox back.

Problem solved.

Hold the phone! After turning off & re-powering the Mac, I find the problem recurs. I’ve fixed like before, but the Global Inbox is still disappearing.

What gives?