inbox in finder

the new beta has installed the inbox in the finder even if i haven’t checked the option… :slight_smile:

That’s because it isn’t a Finder option, but a shortcut to where the Inbox file actually resides. Ctrl-click on the Inbox icon in Finder, select Open Enclosing Folder, and you will see where the actual file resides. You can drag the Inbox out of the Finder sidebar if you choose, then drag it back from the original location. :wink:

The Global Inbox database was installed in your user Library from the first public beta onwards, but was not activated prior to public beta 4.

Now, in public beta 5 a Finder plugin is installed that allows one to save a file directly to the Global Inbox from any application. That’s been a long-standing request by many users.

But you are correct. The Install Add-ons panel doesn’t appear to offer an option NOT to install the plugin.

Which plugin?

Maybe because there isn’t one, only the addition of the global Inbox to Finder’s sidebar that can be inhibited by deselecting:

Install Add-ons.png
… in the Install Add-ons dialog? Or, just drag it off the sidebar after it’s installed.

On my side, this is the opposite. Although I ticked the box “Global Inbox in save dialogs” at time of installing this Béta #5, I can’t see anything in my Finder’s sidebar.
I double checked DTP and Finder preferences but have not found specific settings related.
Did I make something wrong?
Help is welcome.
Thank you!

Edit (see attachment): I just noticed that the option “Finder plug-ins” is grey and can not be selected. I guess this is the reason.
However, what should I do to have this option available?
Than you!
Image 2.png

That option is unrelated; it’s been disabled for all (or most) 2.0 betas.

Thus, I hope a DT team member will help me in investigating deeper. For time being, no way to get working the Global Inbox in the Finder’s sidebar.
Thank you, sjk!

Just dragging the ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox folder to Finder’s sidebar will probably work.

Yep, that did the trick. It even has a definite non-generic icon. to test, I highlighted your text above and dragged it to a Finder window’s sidebar and dropped it onto the Inbox icon.

Thanks Devon and SJK for the great help in explaining this.


It does. Thank you so much, sjk :slight_smile: