Inbox Inside Global Inbox?

I have an inbox inside my Global Inbox. My Global Inbox now always says it has 1 item inside of it. The item it is recognizing is the inbox that is within it.

I have tried to throw this inbox in the trash to no avail. Is this inbox, then, supposed to be within my Global Inbox?

It shouldn’t be there. Just delete ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox.dtBase2 while DEVONthink Pro isn’t running (and only if the global inbox doesn’t contain anything else).

I think this problem, with a solution, was mentioned in another thread but I couldn’t find it …

In 2.0pb5, after deleting items in the Global Inbox I’ve managed to get an Inbox in Trash that won’t go away:

Trash - Inbox.png
When it’s appeared other times it’ll be gone after Trash is emptied, but this time I poked around a bit under Trash before emptying it and that seemed to have caused this persistence.

Any suggestions how to get rid of it? Deleting Inbox.dtBase2 isn’t a preferable solution because it’s not empty and I’d like to keep it that way for now. Once I know how to fix it I could likely find a way to reproduce it again.

The global trash contains all open databases including the global inbox (just like e.g. the trash of Apple Mail contains all mailboxes).

Hmm, that’s strange because until recently the global Trash wasn’t displaying any items after it was emptied and selected. Seems impossible to select it without any open databases.

If I select that Inbox under global Trash and Data > Reveal (Command-R) it a new Inbox window opens. That’s contributes to the confusing impression that the Inbox really is in global Trash.

Using the Apple Mail comparison, it would be clearer (to me) if icons for any open databases that appear under global Trash use the trashcan icon, making them really appear to be a trash objects.

We’ll discuss this.

Thanks, Christian.

I’m having a similar problem:

When first trying out DTPO I used the example databases, then deleted them.
I’m now using the example databases again.

The folders and Inbox I deleted weeks go have persisted in the trash. No files, just the folders.

Similar issue here:

Not sure why there are those folders in my trash that seem to be empty.

I have a very similar issue. However, I can delete mine.

They appear in my global inbox whenever I use the scripts that come with Devonthink. For example, I often use the “Add PDF Document to Devonthink” script when Firefox is the active window, and the “Devonthink Pro” => “copy selection” scripts. Each time I use these, I get another copy of “Inbox.” in the Global inbox (note the trailing period in the name).