Inbox inside Inbox


Fristly : I want to say I’ve search, lot of people seems to be confused and I did not find an answer of my problem :

While I’ve decided to totally rebuild 3 database with all new name template and tag system and some AppleScript (because I have full plenty of time to lose :slight_smile: ), I discovered an “inbox” database inside my database. Some (or all) files off my old database are inside this inbox.
This inbox is inside the main inbox.
I remember this was too in my “previous” system, but I don’t know why and what the point of this.
When I’ve selected “sync” it begin to populated with old file and know I don’t what to do.

  • What is this inbox supposed to do?
  • Can I delete the inbox? Can I delete file inside this inbox?
  • Are they duplicate or not of file inside the other database?

Why things are so confusing? The idea is to start from scratch and I just want to bring files from my old database, put metadata, run the script.
Now I totally

Each database automatically has an Inbox group
Some users like having multiple inboxes
For myself, I only use the Global Inbox database


I do not created this inbox, but now I’m not sure if all the file are here or in the “master” database. It seems it creates some replicant

The Global Inbox is a core component of DEVONthink (and always has been).
Also, each database has its own Inbox, and yes, that’s by design. This is no different than individual desks in a workplace having their own inboxes.

You can choose to not unify the Inboxes in the Globals sectionof the Navigate sidebar by disabling Preferences > General > Interface > Sidebar > Unify Inboxes

However, each database will still have its own Inbox… always.

ok clear

I have no problem with unified inbox or inbox per database

my concern is the global (or maybe not the global, in fact I don’t now) seems to contains all the groups and files of the database

SO I’m unable to know if the files are really in the inbox, duplicate or replicate of the database. This is really confusing,

Either the file is in the database, either the fils is in the inbox. But how to now and organise if the database is replicated in the inbox?

Are you saying the files in the Privé_new database are duplicated in the Global Inbox?

Not in the new database. Actually the “privé_new” does not contains files in inbox.
In the previous database “privé” and “Atenor” and “GO Consult” that cause me to create a brand new database and start from scratch

But stupid I am, I’ve selected this “inbox” that start to sync and create hundred of groupe and files.

What I think is I have not to sync this “inbox” database with probably lot of junk files (or not)

And create a brand new database “GO Consult_new” and “Atenor_new” and populate them with old database and try to find what to do with this junk inbox.

As a result I’ve created one more database with files that’s already sync from the old inbox to not lose something.

I’ve see a smart rule called “filter duplicate”, hope it will help

After you have things organized, you can select and delete items in the Global Inbox, and empty the database’s Trash.

Since the Global Inbox is not set to sync (according to your screen capture), this will have no effect on the Global Inbox os other devices you are running DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go on.

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