Inbox inside my global DTTG inbox

On my ios devices I’m getting an “inbox” folder inside my global inbox database. This nested inbox folder seems to be privileged. It cannot be deleted. I’ve experienced this same problem on my mac, as described elsewhere on the DT forums, and I was able to resolve it by following the recommended steps (deleting the global inbox package inside the application support folder). But with DTTG, I don’t know how to get rid of the extra nested inbox folder, and the DTTG nested inbox gets synced back my mac. The maintenance url scripts in DTTG don’t seem to have any commands for rebuilding or deleting the global database on the iOS device.

I’m using icloud to sync my databases between mac and ios devices. Sync is otherwise working as expected.


Select Help > Contact Us to start a support ticket and include any screen captures, like what you’re seeing in DEVONthink To Go and in the same database in DEVONthink.