Inbox not synced


the inbox of my database is not synced to DTTG. I don’t even see it. Only the global inbox appears. On the desktop in DT-Pro I selected the active database inbox as import target in the settings(I have only one).


I completely uninstalled DT Pro from the desktop and installed DT Office (both the trial versions). I had to sync everything from scratch, and finally the inbox from the database showed up. This is a little ridiculous because I installed DT Pro less than two weeks ago. How fast can it break?

However, text items I then created on the iPhone were not synced back to the desktop (two in the inbox and another one in a group). I restarted the iPhone and during the next sync lots of items were transferred which should already have been synced.

The notes I created on the iPhone are gone now - I can’t find them any more, not on the iPhone, not in the desktop.

New notes created on the iPhone are now synced to the desktop, however some items (rss feed items) show up empty on the iPhone (only have a title) and are not present on the desktop any more (as they have been deleted there).

So something still is not all right. Any ideas?

Alex (feeling like a “paying beta tester”)

Well, it turns out that today text notes created on the iPhone are no longer synced back to the desktop. First, I can’t find them on DT Pro, and second, the trash icon (which does not work, btw) keeps showing when displaying these notes on the iPhone.

Resetting the sync settings is one way to make it work again, but as syncing seems to break from time to time and there is no warning of items not being synced, it makes me a little uneasy and I prefer the manual way.

I currently work around that issue by selecting the whole text note and capturing it. These captures are then synced back. However under certain circumstances captured items are truncated at about 30 letters, so I have to look inside each of them to be sure.

I’m thinking about reinstalling DT Togo, but looking at other posts in this forum makes me believe that I’m not so bad off. Apart from these issues, syncing works flawlessly every time for me.

Please Devontech, do polish up the sync mechanism as soon as you come back from holiday!

I finally reinstalled DT-Togo and synced everything from scratch. Now the inbox from my database is missing (again).

I’ll stick with that for now. Knowing that a whole folder is not synchronized is better than losing than single items.

Yeah, database inboxes don’t show up in DTTG for me either. I thought they used to and that they had just disappeared, your post confirms that for me. I’m a little worried that I’m beginning to experience some of the same bugs as other DTTG users…I hope I don’t lose any data :confused:

Am I missing something here? As far as I’m aware, you can’t put the database inbox inside the Sync Group. Anything that is not inside the Sync Group will not sync. So what you are seeing is the expected behaviour.

I think didn’t mention it explicitly because at that time I had more severe sync problems, but after installing DT Office the inbox of the database was synced (it appeared right below the database’s name on the first screen).

I thought I was the only one. I cannot get them to sync either. I was about to uninstall and reinstall, but given Alex’s experience, I don’t see it being worth the effort. Is there anyone out there that has the ability to sync inboxes?

I have renamed some of my inboxes (ie business inbox, finances inbox, etc.), but not all. None of them sync.

Without the ability to sync smart inboxes, I have to avoid any workflow that uses current items, or just ALWAYS file items immediately, which removes the need for an inbox.