Inbox problems in DT3

Hello, I am currently using DT3 Pro but have two inboxes in my sidebar. In ~/library/applicationsupport there are two inboxes for DT Pro 2 and just one for DT3. I don’t want to access DT Pro 2 because last time I did this I had all sorts of licensing problems so can I just delete them? Would this stop me accessing the DT Pro 2 database in the future if I needed to do so? Thanks

You can delete the two DEVONthink 2 inboxes, which will also delete anything you have in them. If you launch DEVONthink 2 in the future, it will create a new DEVONthink 2 inbox.

There is no difference in database formats etc between DT2 and DT3. Your DT Pro 2 databases will open in DT 3.