Inbox - Reside at top level

Sorry, newbie question here. I’m sure the answer is dead simple. I’ve started to create a database and have created a folder structure, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to create an Inbox group that will always reside on the top level above all other folders. Any help is appreciated.

Can’t be done, unless you nest all other groups inside it. :slight_smile:

Not really necessary, though. Any unfiled documents at the top level can easily be seen in the Three Panes view and moved to the Inbox group.

I renamed inbox to !Inbox. The punctuation at the start forces the inbox to the start of the alphabetical order.


Sorry, I misunderstood your first post, thinking you meant a special organizational type for the Inbox.

Thanks to you both. Used the !Inbox method. Does the job.

If you don’t like exclaiming, a space or a + sign in front of “inbox” (in my case both) works well.


Or a period.

I have .Inbox and the period is hardly noticeable :slight_smile:

I do wish you could manually specify the order of items in the 3-pane view, but you can’t – they’re auto-alphabetized. One of the DT default databases, I believe it’s the GTD one, has things in a different order (specifically… January through December for 43 folders), but this same database doesn’t work when you select the 3-pane view. I tinkered this for a long time before coming to that conclusion. So for now, it’s periods!

Rather irritating for those of us who like Roman numerals…

How 1st century! :wink: