Inbox, Sidebar and Multiple Databases

This may have been addressed in the huge 3-column sidebar thread, but I want to avoid the big war and just find an answer for the situation that confronts me!

When I’m sorting files out of the global inbox with multiple databases open the change of focus makes it hard to file them.

I will be looking at the file in the inbox, but then when I expand a database view to find where I want to put it, I lose the view of that item. So I have to navigate through the database tree to find the best place for it, then click back to the inbox and find again the file I’m looking for.

If the next file needs a different database I again have to go through this process of finding and losing my place.

What am I doing wrong, becuase in DT 2 this was never an issue.

If you use Unify databases (Preferences/General), you can expand your databases to however many levels you want, and still keep the items in the Global Inbox visible.


I have experienced the same problem, @canion, having initially started using DT3 with ‘Unify databases’ unchecked. Unfortunately, as suggested by @R_Barre, the only way around this problem seems to be to unify the databases so I have gone back to this.

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Thanks @R_Barre and @Claire for your help with this. Your solution does solve the problem; but it is unfortunate that this is a problem in the first place.

Fingers crossed for v3.6?

Groups in the sidebar should be automatically expanded during drag & drop. But more efficient approaches might be to use the Move To contextual menu or the Data > Move To… popover.

That’s actually what I have done. As I always forget the keyboard command for that, I’ve dedicated a button on my Stream Deck for both the “Move To…” and “Go To…” commands.

Another possibility is to detach the Go > Go To… popover as it can be used as a drag & drop destination too.

So many options, it’s hard to remember them all! Thanks @cgrunenberg