Inbox, Tagging???

Thought I would ask if there is a date for implementing the Global Inbox and Tagging which, I am sure, is what alot of people are waiting for.

(I had to ask, sorry!)

And the response is (I’m sorry) that the developers are working through adding in the planned features for final DEVONthink 2 applications, so they will come when they are ready. :slight_smile:

The purpose of the incremental release of public betas of the DEVONthink applications was to give users the benefits of the new databases, including smaller memory footprints, faster loading and responsiveness, faster and more powerful searches, multiple open databases and an expanded universe of searchable and displayed filetypes, compared to the version 1.x applications.


I just meant to ask if there was a schedule of some sort yet for those features.


Manana. :wink: