inbox, trash and folders

forgive me, but I am new to DevonThink and there are 3 things about to drive me absolutely crazy:

1-emptying trash

how to set an option to EMPTY it and not to transfer to systems trash which I then have to empty too?

2-from global inbox to database folder

how to transfer a new entry DIRECTLY to it´s destination folder and not first via an additional inbox?

3-copy left in global inbox:

when I eventually have my new entry in the destination folder, it is still left in the global inbox.

so I have to transfer it to the global trash.

so I have to empty the global trash.

so it gets transferred to the system trash.

so I have to go to the system trash and empty it.

do you see why I getting crazy?

That’s not possible.

E.g. use the option Preferences > General > Import > Select group. Or use the Sorter.

This will be improved by the next beta.

Just to chime in here: While I find the new global inbox useful, the transfer of a new entry into a specific group in the database requires too many steps.

  1. Create a new entry, say in a browser.
  2. Move the item from global inbox to database inbox
  3. Move the item from database inbox to specific group.
  4. Delete item from global inbox.

Christian says that step 4 will be eliminated by the next beta. But is there a way to combine steps 2 and 3? Would it be possible to display the tree structure of a database on the second pane in three-pane view when you’re in the global inbox? That way, I wouldn’t have to move the item from the global inbox to the database inbox but could put it directly in the group where it belongs.

All of this will be improved. Hopefully by the next beta but definitely til the final 2.0 release.