include more annotated screen shots in Help

This would help us to quickly find out the meaning of different symbols, a process which is quite difficult to do in a text-based help system. The Help does have a few screen shots, but I’m thinking of ones that show a magnified view and have arrows and labels. For example, a dash mark in the column next to a group (in Three Pane View) turns out to mean that one (or more) item(s) within the group are flagged. I never have used flags, not sure how something got flagged, but was puzzled by the dash mark until I figured it out by clicking and looking. For another example, some might not recognize the “classify” icon from its description in the help of looking like a “sorcerer’s hat”.

Those of us already “into” DT Pro will try to figure these things out for ourselves but for newcomers (and everyone when in a hurry) some comprehensive graphic aids would be a great help.

This other recent post offers another example: