Included wikilinks

Quick question and feature request.

It appears that Wikilinks appear in the inspectors Document/Links window, however inline included Wikilinks, like ![[test]], are not included in the links, either outbound for the current document or inbound from the target document.

If there isn’t a design reason for that, it would be nice if the “!” form of a square bracket wikilink would appear as a link on both ends of the link.

This is a new feature for me to use. I’m experimenting with aggregating short individual notes into a single reference note. Very handy - sort of like a map of contents note.


the “!” form of a square bracket wikilink

  • Which is…? An image as a WikiLink in a Markdown file?
    • If so, why use a WikiLink for this purpose instead of a standard Markdown image link?

PS: WikiLinks to images have never been shown in the Document Links inspector.

I could be misusing a feature and riding a side effect, then.

If you have a markdown document called in Devonthink, you can cause it’s contents to appear within a second markdown document with ![[note1]].

That’s Obsidian’s transclusion syntax. The default syntax is {{some file.txt}}.

Transclusions are not actual links and therefore do not appear in the Document Links inspector.

Arg! That’s what I get for not reading the very complete documentation.

Thanks! I shall mend my ways.

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This is a similar request to what @Amontillado just asked about so I hope it is okay to put here instead of opening up a new topic: DT currently uses a hybrid style of backlinks for MD notes. The outgoing link appears in the body of the source note and in the (outgoing) Links section of the Links Inspector of the source note. The reciprocal incoming link appears in the Incoming Links section of the target note’s Links Inspector. With this arrangement if the Inspector pane is closed or if the Inspector pane is displaying something else other than the Links display, it takes clicks to reveal the target note’s Incoming Links information in its Links Inspector. This information cannot be seen by looking at the body of the target note. There is an app called Notebooks that displays backlinks in its notes directly, i.e., without having to visit a pane to determine the note that the link points to. For making ZK notes having this kind of “automatic” back link appear in the body of the note would be an excellent improvement, especially if a placeholder is available for the user to anchor the back link in place. In my ZK note templates there is a “Linked To” section and a “Linked From” section. By using one of the linking commands in DT I can always select where to put the outgoing (x-devonthink-item://) in the body of the note. This means if I want to see a reciprocal link in the body of the target note I have to establish another link that and place it where I want it. The issue then is that this shows up in the (outgoing) Links section of the Target note when the link was intended to be shown as an incoming link in the target note. Confusing, huh? Being able to anchor the incoming link in the body of the note would take care of this nicely and save lots of time making ZK notes. While the backlink scheme in Notebooks doesn’t allow for linking, I’m thinking that ZK notes that have many links should distinguish between source (upstream) note links and target (downstream) notes to make navigation between them coherent.