Including aliases to other files

I know they wouldn’t be searchable, but it would be very helpful to my work if I could add to a DEVONthink note aliases to files that DEVONthink isn’t importing.

For example, if I had a note on "project X" and I happened to have an OmniGraffle document related to project X, it would be great to have the ability to put an alias for the OmniGraffle document into my note.  Then, if a search turned up the project X note, the alias would appear in the note, and I could double-click it to bring up the OmniGraffle document.

Is this feature under consideration?

P.S. Thanks for the bulletin board forum!   :smiley:

Links to external files (especially not supported ones) will come and similar links inside notes too (but probably a little later).

I heartily agree with doug. This would be a highly desirable feature. I suggest perhaps cmd-drag the file from the finder into a content window?

Although in some cases (filenames/folders without special characters such as spaces!), this can be achieved by pasting the full file path into the URL box, it is quite combersome to do – unless there is an eaiser way that I do not know about?

I think it is interesting to note that this poster asked specifically about aliases, as opposed to file paths. Not sure if he meant it, but there is a big difference. An alias doesn’t break if you move the target file. A file path does. Using aliases is what allows a user to move a file around, reorganize a folder hierarchy, etc. without losing all links to the file.

Having the option to store a link to a file as either an alias or a hard-coded path would be great. Letting us choose which kind of link to use would be even better. :slight_smile:

The URL/path handling will be revised in a future release anyway - and alias support added.