Incompatability in Files between DTP and DTTG causes Sync cr

I sync large databases (40GB) between DT Pro and DT To Go. I have found that whilst DT Pro handles files such as txtclipping, and OO3 (Omnioutliner) perfectly well, these cause Sync to crash. Probably this is because there is no application to link these files to on the iPad.

It would be helpful if these files would transfer but produce a “cannot read” diagnostic on the iPad, or better still would be transferred and read.

In the meantime, it would be very helpful if there were a character or flag we could apply to single files in DTP which would crash on sync, so they are bye-passed in the sync process.

DT has been at the centre of my work practices for around 7 years, and it gets better and better. But always there is a next step…

I know “DT To Go 2” is ‘just round the corner’ and will fix it all :wink:

Actually, these files should sync well but, if they’re not displayable, show a “Document not readable” notice. Please try again with version 1.5.1 as soon as it’s approved by Apple.