Incomplete index when one (or more) sync stores aren‘t available? (workaround found)

Hi All, happy new year!

Since years I‘m seeing incomplete indexes from time to time - therefore I run re-index regularly. So for so (almost) good.

Today I saw this again, after syncing a lot of changes (added new files on Mac) the „indexing XXX files“ didn‘t appear after all files have been copied to DT2Go. Hmm. The specific situation today was, that my Mac was sleeping (sync was done via iCloud); there are two DBs I sync via direct connection - this sync store is greyed out because the Mac was sleeping. After waking up my Mac (DT is up&running), I did a force quit of DT2Go (it doesn‘t realize the Mac is back again) and the sync store was available. Then I forced a sync on DT2Go and after a few seconds the index process was starting.

So, does this indicate that the index process doesn‘t start if one or more sync stores aren‘t available? this could explain my „incomplete index from time to time“ issue…

Happy New Year to you and yours as well!

I‘m seeing incomplete indexes…

Can you clarify what you mean by this?

search by content doesn‘t work for some files

  • How much data is changing on a sync. e.g., are you making sweeping changes on a Mac and syncing to DEVONthink To Go once a week?

  • How soon after syncing are you attempting s search?

I did a quick test and it is super easy to reproduce the problem on my side.
I’ve created a simple sketch to show how my setup looks like (iCloud = CloudKit)

  • Mac is turned off - all devices are in-sync
  • create a plain text file on my iPhone in the Global Inbox including the word “superduper”
  • pull down the home screen (where you can see all your DBs) to force a sync
  • wait 2 minutes, keep DT2Go up&running in foreground
  • search for “superduper” on the home screen: 0 results
  • go to iPad and do a sync, the plain text file appears immediately in Global Inbox
  • wait 2 minutes, keep DT2Go up&running in foreground
  • search for “superduper” on the home screen on my iPad: 0 results
  • the small cloud icon on both, the iPhone and iPad, shows a small (not changing) blue area (see Snapshot)
  • turn on the Mac, start DT there
  • force quit DT2Go on iPhone and re-start to recognize the “local network” available
  • on iPhone pull down the home screen to do a sync again (cloud icon is clear afterwards)
  • after sync I did a search on the iPhone looking for “superduper”: 1 result
  • on iPad still no results
  • force quit DT2Go on iPad and re-start to recognize the “local network” available
  • do a sync on iPad, too (cloud icon is clear afterwards)
  • search for “superduper” on iPad on home screen: 1 result

So, I clearly can say as long as my “local network” sync store isn’t available indexing doesn’t start after sync on my mobile devices. This seems to be the cause for my long term search issue with DT2Go from the beginning, because I always had a “local network” sync store for my photos DB and using my iPad the whole day without even starting my Mac (I’m a 80% iPad user). That is also the reason why I established a regular re-index procedure once a week.

While my Mac + DT was running I created a new text file including “bussi” - the search for “bussi” immediately showed one result. It seems that small frozen blue area in my cloud icon is an indication for “sorry, no indexing running at the moment”.

maybe I should deactivate non available sync stores as a workaround?

You could try it and see. It’s the only such report I’m aware of.

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this is fixing my problem.

  • I’ve moved a lot of files new to DT on Mac
  • synced to iCloud
  • switched off the Mac
  • disabled ‘local network’ sync store on my mobile devices
  • synced on both, iPhone and iPad via iCloud only
  • all new files are searchable within seconds (even by their content - that was my issue before, easy to reproduce on my side when keeping ‘local network’ sync store ON and switching my Mac OFF)

Interesting. Thanks for the diligence
We’ll consider it and see if we can reproduce it or determine the connection. Cheers l

The maintenance tasks such as indexing are halted if a sync is currently running. So if you have two sync locations and there is constantly a ‘busy’ sync run then also indexing is not executed until there’s peace on Earth again.

The idea behind this is that nothing shall disturb or delay a running sync.

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