Incomplete selection importing from cloud location to DEVONthink


I have a question regarding Add to DEVONthink. I create folders for specific pdfs and collect them in these folders. When i have time i “Add to DEVONthink” with a right mouse click and give them tags in DEVONthink. When i try to add, for example 75 pdfs from a folder DEVONthink only gets 45 of these pdfs. Same result if drag and drop.
Do anyone have an answer / reason for this?
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The only place I use “Add to DEVONthink 3” is from Apple Mail and it works everytime for me. From where or what app are you executing this command?

Where is the folder that have these 75 files? Hunch: In a cloud sync folder where the files might have been deleted by the sync service as being “online”? What if you put these 75 files in a subfolder under ~/Desktop, and and drag and drop from there?

Sync services seem to be defaulting to “online” (or whatever marking buzzword they use). Not necessarily in our interest. If this the case for you, think through what you want.


Hello rmschne,

Thanks! You solved my issue. How? I switched place from Icloud drive to a offline location on my HD and yes it worked as it should.

Again, many thanks! :slight_smile:

/ Pontus.

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Excellent. To help others as it seems to be that people are misconfiguring their third party sync services, change the word in the title from “DEVONthink” to “Apple iCloud”? In future people looking for help might find this post with a suggestion for resolution.

The next release will actually improve the support for unavailable cloud files.


So what would your suggestion for the title be in more exact words?

Well, currently all files which should be imported/indexed have to be locally available. The next release will automatically load them or log an error in case of issues.

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As above previously stated.


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Was the title changed? I’m still seeing “devonthink-not-working-as-i-want-it-to-do” not ‘importing from iCloud issue’

I’ve changed the title to “Incomplete selection importing from cloud location to DEVONthink”; is that ok for you?

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