Incongruous search scores

I have a book in both PDF & ePub format, and when I ran a search for some particular words, I got a hit for both books, but the scores are drastically different. How can that be, if the books are identical?

An uncropped / less cropped screencap of the search could be helpful.

Your wish …

You’ve specified no search prefix so your terms are applying to name, content, metadata, etc.
If you’re looking for text, use the text: prefix.

Yep, I know that. This was a quick & dirty search to find the document, and then search with it. But I’m surprised that the score results would vary, as the documents are identical.

Using the prefix, did change the results, and the scores now match. But, it’s still weird to me that they didn’t match previously.

Not sure off hand.

Fair enough. You can’t know everything … or can you!? :joy:

That would be @cgrunenberg :slight_smile:
I may be considered a distant second. :wink:

Well, he is a deity, so that’s to be expected. :wink:

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Without specifying a prefix stuff like name, (custom) metadata and document properties matter too and therefore affect the score.

I get what you’re saying, but am still very surprised at the disparity of the score, considering that the documents are identical, save the format. Strange.