Inconsistent activity bar / sync status

DT 3.8.3
Mac 10.15.7

Sorry I don’t know the proper name of this sync bar in the bottom left corner.
Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 14.01.41 PM

It rarely shows up for me, even when syncing is happening. Probably just 25% of the time. I have to open the separate “Activity Window” to see what is being synced. That white space is new.

A moment ago, it was all absent, and it only appeared when I resized the entire DT window, specifically dragging the bottom edge up a little.

The Activity pane should appear when you’re in a main window with the Navigate sidebar visible.
Are you saying that’s your setup and you’re not seeing it?

PS: It should only appear if an action takes a bit of time, e.g., it won’t appear on quick, low cargo syncs.

Good to know it only appears on low cargo syncs, I’ll keep an eye out. It didn’t appear this time until after uploading ~200 items (though they may have been tiny .md files)

Here’s a ~20 minute upload of over 100 items, no activity pane. I tried closing and reopening, and resizing the main window.

EDIT: I check the .plist in ~/Library/preferences and DisableActivityWindow is set to “no”

Found out how to reproduce it:

  • Close all windows. Click DT icon in dock. Activity pane appears.
  • Load any workspace (including a new one saved with visible activity pane). Activity pane disappears.

EDIT: sorry, the above seemed 100% consistent for a while, but now it’s not. Sometimes loaded workspaces will show activity pane, sometimes won’t. But a “fresh” window, after closing all windows and opening from dock, seems to always have activity pane (during sync).

Does it depend on the workspace and/or on the opened windows right before loading the workspace?