Incorrect date-sort order

If you open a, newly synced, date-sorted list of items, read, say the third item from the top, and then return to the list this item is now on top of the list. It seems that the day-sorting is using “time viewed” instead of time-created. I may be wrong, but I think this is a new behavior in 1.4.2 and I think its incorrect.

Tried this after newly-syncing 5 databases + the Global Inbox. I’m not seeing this. Everything is sorted by Date Modified and reading (i.e., selecting) an item doesn’t alter this. Tried the same with the “Descending” sort modifier – and I don’t see a problem there either.

Hi korm,
I have 6 items that has shifted position due to updating of the “creation”-date field. There is nothing special about these items at all, they are plain RTF-entries in my diary.
Trying to repeat and itemize my findings I cannot repeat what happened yesterday.

Will keep an eye on this for a while myself, but it seems fair to just drop the issue for now.

Thanks korm for your trouble.