increase max results for site search or custom plugin

I am trying to search just a single site for a text string in URL’s and I only seem to be able to get a maximum of 50 results even though the same search on Google has over 500 results. When I check the log, the search string always shows “&num=50” but I can’t see to change that.
I tried editing my plugin plist and changed the integer value to 500 but no luck and the search string did not seem to change.


Choose Window > Search Set and choose your search set. Click on the Plugins tab and inspect the number of items per plugin. If it’s a low number you might want to increase it.

Take a look at the Log. If you see a number of items that were skipped because they were too big, you might go to Preferences > Search and increase Max. Download Size.

However, I expect DEVONthink Pro to filter out similar results or use other Scanner or filters to minimize redundant or junk hits. If Google would give 500 hits, I want and expect DEVONagent to give me a smaller number that will contain the information I need.

Thanks Bill but between the time I wrote this and your answer I had figure out what I had to do and now its working fine.

I should have deleted the question but I forgot.