Increase Width of Field Names in Custom Metadata

Is it possible to increase the width of the field names in the custom metadata?

Also - in the screenshot, there is quite a bit of wasted space to the right of the Set fields. It would be great if this could be used for the field names - or to make this configurable.

No matter how wide I make the inspector, the field names don’t seem to expand at all!

Which version do you use? Over here a wider inspector uses more space for the labels.

do you perhaps mean the field values or rather the input fields where you enter those values?

Sorry for the delay! I mean the field names (rather than values). These seem to be truncated after 9 characters. On my screenshot, there are two fields that appear the same, both “Recruitment…”

I could use acronyms to shorten field names, but would prefer it if these were a bit wider so the field name can be easily seen.

I’m not sure if this has been tweaked in a later version, but if I make the inspector wider, these do end up showing. I’d probably just like them to show a bit more at narrower widths (e.g. to tweak the percentrage width the names use.

One really incredible improvement (but I realise this is probably a much bigger change) would be to be able to assign what custom fields show per group (or at least, per database). Then I can have shorter names, with less need to disambiguate them.

We’ll consider this for future releases.

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:+1: (for the database)

Though it would change the height of the inspector’s contents, what about the title appearing above its field?

Might be an option but would of course increase the height of the inspector and therefore require scrolling more frequently.

Yes - or multiline field titles would be good (breaking on word boundaries) - though might only work for multiline fields. Or I suppose having a “form designer” function, like on some database programs, but perhaps that is a step too far!