Incredible 2.0

I just wanted to say that with this update, I think I can finally get rid of all my other organizers- this thing will now handle both my work/research needs as well as serving as a repository for all the misc stuff I had been storing in different programs. Since the footprint is so light and everything so fast, I am now keeping DT open all the time. (The Camino/DT combo is killer due to the speed and footprint!

In total, 2.0 is way above what I expected since not all does it have all the new features, it runs like a 100 times better (faster, more stable, loads quickly, etc. I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole thing.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Now we just need a spot in this forum for the beta!

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Great job to all on the DevonThink Team.

If I could send you all expensive champagne, I would.

Celebrate the holidays and take it easy!

just great - this has re-established my trust in DT Pro. as above - not just for serious research needs now, but a great repository for all the other stuff that i need to keep a handle on: licence keys, passwords, funny, memorable clippings etc. a great leap forward.

well done

I wouldn’t store at least passwords in any unencrypted database, whether it’s DEVONthink or something else.

really? i wasn’t referring to anything more than things like the password for this forum, for example. I certainly wouldn’t record my bank account details, online banking login, or PIN etc. but i think as my user account on my computer is password protected, then stuff like internet passwords should be safe enough.

For true password management, I highly suggest 1Password (I have no connection to them). That will solve all your password issues for sure…fantastic program.

One very happy user here. Congratulations, all at DEVONtechnologies :smiley:

i’ll take a look, thanks.

I second the suggestion of 1Password. It is very excellent indeed :slight_smile:

I also agree 1password is a great app to buy. Great support too.

(Note: they run promos from time to time; one of the permanent ones can be found at…. 20% off the regular price.)

Don’t tell DEVON, but on Black Friday, Agile offered every registered user a free licence to pass on to a friend. Now that’s what I call support!

And it’s 40% off on the current one-day-only MacZOT promo.

Merry Christmas! Better still, 1Password is free today for those who participated in the MacHeist Giving Tree.