Indentation in formatted notes

I’m using the latest version of DTP Office. I can find no way to indent text in a formatted note. But when I copy indented text into a formatted note, the indentation is preserved. Am I missing something?

No, this is not yet possible.

But it will be possible someday?

Maybe. At least in the near future there are more urgent tasks, I’m afraid.

Hello, I was looking for this function, too. And I found this topic today.

I imported many notes from Evernote with import function of DEVONthink to change note-taking app from Evernote to DEVONthink Pro.
Most of them contain lists, but they are imported as formatted notes automatically, so I cannot edit them as I want.
List structures are kept and de-indent is easy (just press return key), but I cannot add indent.

What is the best (easiest) way to solve this situation?
(if you have good workaround, please tell me. But ideally, I want you to add indent function. It should be easy because de-indent is already available.)

Never assume something is “easy”. It’s better to assume it’s not and be told it is. :smiley:

One workaround might be to convert the notes to rich text but in case of web clippings this isn’t recommended due to the poor layout.