Index a library file

There is a folder in my Application Support folder, within User–>Library, that I want to index. But when I use the Option key to make the Library folder visible, as I must in the Finder, it does nothing in the Index file selection dialog.

How can I open my Library from within the Index file selection dialog?

Make the Library permanently visible. Depending on your flavor of OS X, there are lots of how-to’s on the internet.

If you don’t prefer not to unhide the Library, the Go command works in Open and Save dialogs.

Choose File > Index… and when the sheet drops down press Command-Shift-G and type ~/Library.

Thanks, Korm and Jim!

Next question: Does DTP “look inside” a “package”?

You can index something in a package, but it’s usually not a great idea since the files are read/write from inside DEVONthink.

Thanks, Korm. I’m not sure of the implications of the files being read/write inside DTP. Just at a guess: Are “packaged files” typically somehow coordinated by the generating software–in this case, MacJournal? And thus it is unwise to make changes to the data, not via the originating software?

I want to do my daily journaling in MacJournal, but I’d like the contents to be part of the DTP-searchable universe.

The implication is that you can change the content of a file. If it is a file managed by another app (the usual case with packages) unintended and difficult-to-troubleshoot consequences might result. Changing the content of an file inside an .mjdoc package is probably not a big deal (but of course you know your own data).

OTOH, you may configure MacJournal to build a Spotlight index for the main journal, and enable Spotlight for your DEVONthink database(s).

I appreciate the suggestion, Korm. Thanks!