Index a the contents of a folder automatically

My billing software stores the PDFs of the bills in a specific folder in my computer. I would like to index the files (bills) in DTPO, which I can do without troubles. But I don’t want to care about this folder and refresh the files in DT it everytime I’m adding new bills in my billing software. Is there a way so that DT index automatically the contents of this folder?
(Since I’m new with DT, please be very detailed in the procedure I have to follow)

DEVONthink doesn’t “know” about any activity that has taken place outside the database until it receives a command to update an Indexed item.

That can be semi-automated by attaching the Synchronize script to an Index-captured group, in the group’s Info panel. The Synchronize script is included in the Extras folder on the download disk image that was mounted when you installed the DEVONthink application. It is found in Extras > Scripts > Triggered > Synchronize.scpt.

When that script has been attached to a group, it will update to reflect changes in the corresponding external folder, but only when that group is opened. Note that if the Indexed Finder folder contains subfolders, attaching the Synchronize script to the corresponding top-level group will also synchronize the contents of any subgroups in that folder when it is next opened.

Thank you very much! It works as expected on a test folder I have created. But…

My real bill folder is hidden because it belongs to /user/Library/… . And I noticed that I can’t access it through DV even if I enable hidden files in the finder windows.

Any idea how to access these kind of folders?

Over here I index quite a few folders in ~/Libary/….

Are you on Lion and have you taken steps to reveal the Library in Finder (I assume you have … just checking.)

Is the folder a hidden folder (name begins with a .dot)?

Yes, I’m running Lion. I have tried the following code in the terminal window

  • defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
    and it effectively work in the finder window, I can see hidden files.

However in the DT windows, when you try to index a file for example, the filesystem does not show the hidden files.
My folder does not begin with a . dot.

Over here, that setting does not cause hidden files to appear in any application’s file dialog (Open, Save, etc.) except Finder’s. Perhaps it’s an Apple issue, not DEVONthink?

So, here’s what you do. Open the a file dialog for indexing (File > Index). When the dialog is open, choose Library or any folder in the sidebar, and then press command-shift-period (cmd-shift-.). This will cause the hidden files to be displayed in the dialog.

Index away.

(This trick works in any OS X-generated file dialog and is independent of the global plist setting that the OP mentioned above. IOW, you don’t need to make hidden files appear everywhere all the time just to get them to appear sometimes.)