Index all information?


I just started using DEVONThink and it’s amazing! I saw the app a while ago but never needed to use it. Recently I’ve been trying different journal apps and never thought any was good enough til this.

I was considering writing my own for a while but there’s no way I could add the features I now want after having discovered DEVONThink.

Since it’s an app to organize information, I was wondering if anyone’s considered indexing all info? I like to be able to search:

Safari Bookmarks
auto index some folders - maybe filter by file type
Address Book
iCal Todos and Calendar

and maybe other things.

I was also thinking of wanting some type of record management like if I wanted to store passwords or a library of books and other objects with user definable fields.

This app is off to an amazing start! It’s what the OS X finder should be!


Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider this for future releases but the next things to come are DA 1.0b3/DT 1.7.2 (next week), DA 1.0 (first half of october) and finally DT 1.8 and DT Pro (Q4).