Index Apple Notes, Calendar, Contacts

In DT3 I have Indexed several of my hard drive’s document folders, as I find DT3’s search capabilities are better than Spotlights.

I’d like now to index in DT3 my Apple Notes, Calendar and Contacts, but I’m not quite sure exactly where they reside on my hard drive. Where do I point DT3 to in order to index these?

I think that at least some of those are stored in binary format (SQLite, maybe). So DT has no chance to Index them directly.

@chrillek is on the right track. Those apps keep their data in internal databases so DT can’t index them directly. It’s possible to access them via AppleScript, but you’d have to create something to do it. And it’s not 100% reliable either - Apple changes internal data formats for these apps from time to time and things get broken

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Thanks to both of you for the quick reply.