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Just a quick one that I have seen mentioned a few times on the forum, but just want to make 100% sure. I understand that it is not recommend or possible to store your database within a cloud storage folder (Dropbox, iCloud, Tresorit etc.) however is seems that there are no issues in indexing a folder that lives on a storage cloud?

By business uses OneDrive and I would like to use DTP to index all the files within OneDrive. From what I can see there aren’t any issues with this?


Indexing files that reside only in the cloud is not recommended.
Indexing the local storage for a cloud service is fine.

However, you should carefully consider whether indexing is the best option or not. This is covered in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing.

Posts by @Greg_Jones are worth reading, as he indexes pretty much exclusively and has for a long time.

Also, you should understand the ramifications of the tighter integration with the Finder. Here are some things to consider regarding file deletion in DEVONthink…

Thanks a million BlueFrog. As always you’re a great help and support.
I’ll be sure to have a look at the documentation!

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You’re welcome and thanks for the encouragement! :slight_smile:

Bringing up this old thread…
Im planning to index some (locally synced) OneDrive/SHarePoint folders with Devonthink. My team will still work directly within the folders with Win/Mac standard tools without DT.
If I don’t misunderstand @BLUEFROG this should be possible - or do I have to expect any syncing issues/conflicts?

While we can’t account for the conflict resolution of the services you mention, indexing the local files in those repositories should be fine.

The only thing I’d note otherwise is they may require a manual File > Update Indexed Items to update, though this isn’t guaranteed you will. Just a possibility.