Index Contents of folder

I’ve been scanning receipts in Paperless from Mariner Software because of it’s ability to run reports on total amounts spent and export as a .qif file. It stores it’s files in a file named *.rwlibrary with the name and date of the resulting PDF stored inside the file’s Contents. I’ve created an alias of the folder with the PDFs so I can Index it in DTPO. That works, but when adding more receipts to Paperless, they don’t update in the indexed folder in DTPO. Is there a way to refresh an indexed folder?

Edit: Doh… Synchronize. :blush:

To make sync easier, for folders you synchronize frequently, select that group in DTPO, open the Info palette, and attach the script found in the DTPO installation package at Extras\Scripts\Examples\Synchronize.scpt Whenever that group is selected it will synchronize with its target folder(s) on disk.

Cool. Will look at that. Thanks.

Works as advertised. :smiley: