Index (linked) web pages?

Does DT (Pro) not index linked web pages? Thought it would, but appearently it doesn’t… Or am I wrong?

Why that is an issue? I like dragging the URL of e.g. a Wikipedia article to DT (its icon in the Dock) so I have a live version this article in DT. But if it is not indexed, it isn’t of much help.

No, simple URLs are always loaded ‘live’ and not indexed. Indexing would not make much sense as web sites generally change very often.

You can, however, ‘freeze’ a web page and save it as a so-called .webarchive document in your database. Control-click the background of the displayed page and choose ‘Capture Webarchive’. DEVONthink captures the current state of the page, which is then, of course, indexed and searchable.

Ok, thanks.