index links in DEVONthink

Testing DEVONthink (1.9.16) as a replacement to Journler I have a query about how best to use links. In Journler, it was easy to link to various files or folders on a drive by dragging the file into an entry. This didn’t enter the file to the database, rather a link to that file/folder. The closest I can see to this is ‘Index’, which appears a useful way of adding links to the DEVONthink finder.
My specific question is – do index links automatically update to account of files added to the OSX directory, after that link was created? I’m not sure that this is currently happening.

You can create a clickable link to a file or folder in the Finder by Option-Command-dragging that object into the insertion point of a rich text document in DEVONthink. That’s very like linking in Journier.

When you Index a file or folder into DEVONthink the database captures the text content of the Indexed item(s), a record that displays the document (if possible) and creates metadata and a path link to the externally located item(s).

Example: You’ve written a letter using Word and saved it to a folder in your Documents folder. If you Index the folder that contains your letter into your DEVONthink database, you can now view the text content of the letter and search for it among all the other contents of the database.

If you now edit that letter under Word and save it with changes, the DEVONthink database doesn’t immediately know about that. If you select the letter in your database and choose File > Synchronize the database counterpart of your letter will be updated.

DEVONthink Pro and DEVONthink Pro Office allow the user to attach a Synchronize script to an Indexed group or document so that the update takes place automatically when the group or document is opened.

That’s very helpful, many thanks!

Is it not possible to use the Sync-script with DEVONthink personal?

No, DT Personal is not scriptable. You’ll need Pro or Pro Office to script DT.

How do you do this?

Thanks in advance.

The Synchronize script can be found on the download disk image: Extras> Scripts> Examples> Synchronize.

Select an Indexed group or document and open the Info panel. Attach the script.