Index only PDFs (DT and Zotero)

I am trying to find a way to index only one type of file: PDF.

Currently I am working with Zotero, and want to index my pdfs in DT for better retrievability, using DT on ios etc.
However, If I index the whole zotero storage folder I will get a bunch of other files which I do not care about (*.js, jpg, etc.).
Is there any way to get only the PDF?
I am aware that I can create a smart group to group the PDFs there, but I prefer to not have to index them at all…

Other solutions to work with Zotero would be also welcome :slight_smile:

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Sorry, but no there is no way to index, or exclude, only a specific file type from the Finder. Indexing includes all the visible contents of a folder.

A little late, but I highly recommend using the zotfile ( extension for zotero. It stores your pdfs in an external folder (separate from the zotero library), organizing and renaming them according to your preferences. Many people use this to store their journal articles in dropbox, but you could certainly use it to get your pdfs into a folder that you then index with devonthink.