index problem

I’ve just indexed a pdf. This pdf was made searchable by pdfpenpro. Strangely,some words cannot be found in this pdf despite the fact that these words can be found by a search within pdfpenpro. In DT the file is marked as pdf+TEXT.

PDFPen doesn’t use Apple’s PDFKit, so it is using it’s own methods for searching. Check the PDF in Preview. You should see similar results as in DEVONthink.

thank for your reply,
Should I use another program to OCR the documents. Now, I use a applescript in HAZEL to OCR new documents that are saved into a dedicated HAZEL-wathcfolder. HAZEL triggers an applescript that uses pdfpenpro. This documents shows up in my DT database under the same folder. Normally with the mark: PDF+Text. (see also my new post about missing folder <> pdf+text problems…).

DEVONthink Pro Office uses the ABBYY FineReader engine. You could give that a try.