Index reference files on Dropbox and sync two Macs?

Has anyone tried locating their reference files in one large (e.g., 30GB) folder on Dropbox, creating an indexed database on Computer A and syncing Computer A with Computer B with DT sync? Or some variation of this setup?

As DEVONthink’s built-in synchronization synchronizes indexed files too, this would be at least redundant (both DEVONthink and Dropbox synchronizing the same files) and maybe even dangerous.

Christian, may I assume from your answer that the problem is the syncing, not in storing the folder with the indexed references on Dropbox?

I found the following from korm in the forum, “Your files that are indexed into DEVONthink but not stored inside a database are kept in whatever folder hierarchy you organize. These files could be located in Dropbox, Box, or other cloud repository …”

Would a direct sync (mac to mac) work?


It’s not actually dangerous – at least, no one has ever reported any issues from this in the past year or so, and users have been doing this since the beginning – because Dropbox and Sync take different approaches to syncing files.

Dropbox uses a multimaster scheme where conflicts result in a duplication of the affected file. Sync simply aborts synchronization of the affected file. So if there were a “perfect storm” situation where you modified one file at just the right moment, then depending on which system noticed first, you’d have either a duplicated file or Sync would ignore that record and reconcile it on the next sync.

Nevertheless, because users commonly want to use Sync to synchronize their databases but Dropbox (or some other method) to synchronize indexed files, the forthcoming “sequel” to the sync technology synchronizes indexed files only optionally.

Wonderful news :smiley: Thanks!

I listen to complaints/suggestions, and this was a very common one. :smiley: