Index the content of a folder in a database keeping possibility to update the folder itself and not only the selected content

I read a lot of topic about indexing and importing data into a database.

I try to create a database to indexing a single folder (in the finder).
I give the name of this folder to the database.
If I index this “parent” folder, all the sub-folder are also imported (it’s OK) and are automatically adapted if I add a new sub-folder in the “parent” folder. But I have only one “parent” group in my database with the same name as the database (inferior part of the DT structure image - folder 6 was indexed).

If I index the content of the “parent” folder, all the selected sub-folder are imported. I have “directly” in the database the sub-folders as “parent” groups; that’s avoid to have the database and the “parent” group with the same name, and avoid to have only one “parent” group in a database. Nevertheless, If I add a new sub folder (the folder 6 in this exemple) in the “parent” folder in the finder, this new folder wasn’t indexed to the database (in fact it’s logic) (superior part of the DT structure image - folder 6 was not indexed)

My question :
Is there a method to index a “parent” folder without create a “parent” group of this folder but directly the sub-folder as “parent” group and keep the automatic indexing of the “parent” folder ?

I hope my question is understandable and has not been answered yet

Welcome @OXHusky

No, what you’re asking is not posible.

Thank you @BLUEFROG for your quick answer !!!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: