I have a folder that I like to keep in dropbox but index in devonthink.

Is there a way to keep this folder up to date in DT. I add items in the folder in dropbox however it doesn’t automatically show up in the indexed folder in Devonthink unless I delete the folder and reindex.

Is there a way to keep an indexed folder up to date?

did you try sync’ing the indexed folder in DevonThink:

Hit Cmd-Alt-S when it is selected or use the “synchronize” command in the file menu (below the index… command).

However, this has to be done by hand.
If you want to automate that, I can’t help you, but I remember that I read about solutions with AppleScript here in the discussions or in the manual…

Perhaps see the recent posting at viewtopic.php?f=20&t=12601&hilit=synchronize+folder+script