Indexed database: What if the Volume is not mounted?

I think that indexed databases may be a valid solution for some of my needs.

But what happens, when a indexed folder is on a mounted volume and that volume is not mounted when DT starts?

DT will see an empty folder … will it also delete all indexed content?

DEVONthink will report missing files and will also show a Mount Volume message in the view/edit pane for a selected item.

PS: This is easily tested on your system.
PPS: Please test the Mount Volume button. Thanks!

Thanks. I just searched the manual and could not find something about this situation.
I did not dare to test this, of course :smiley:

OK, I could have created a new test database with a test folder and a test volume … but that would take quite some time. So, thanks again!

No problem.

I highly encourage you to take the plunge and try out your ideas. Then when you come here to ask questions, you can explain what you want to do, why, what you tried, and what didn’t work (against your expectations).

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You have a point here.
I think, to be on the safe side, I should better build some test environments.

Coming back and reporting after that!

Well, do what you need to do … but for DEVONthink my experience is that when I want to test/play/experiment with things, I simply create a new database called “Test”. Probability of messing up other databases is low.

But … your mileage may differ.

The more you play, the more you’ll get comfortable with the application and how it works. Can’t get that from getting answers here, frankly.

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OK, I did the following:

I have two external devices that are mounted to /Volumes/USBA and /Volumes/SDCARD
I added some content to USBA and created a new folder with content on SDCARD

Then, I created a new indexed database that indexed the whole USBA volume and just one top-level folder from SDCARD.

After that, I closed DT, ejected both volumes and started DT again.

The database was not affected at all - but when I tried to access content, I got the message that the volume is not mounted with the option to mount it (in this case - ejected external disks - that would not work, but I should work for OneDrive or Cryptomator volumes, which could be re-mounted).


I then tried the other thing:

Closed DT again, mounted SDCARD, renamed the top-level folder and started DT again:

This produced a “file missing” message, but did not change the database.

So far, great.
But what about valid changes to the content, that happened while DT was not running?
What if I change something below the top-level folder?
This could be a totally valid change that happened to the indexed content, while DT was not running.

So, I closed DT, renamed the top-folder on SDCARD, mounted USBA and changed some parts on both devices:

Adding folders and content, renaming a folder, renaming a file and changing the content of another file.

After starting DT, all changes were transparent.
Missing files are handled like above: They do not automatically vanish - an update is required for this to be mirrored in the database.

All seems fine!

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