Indexed file missing

On my Mac, the files in a password protected group are missing. This is a dtSparse database. The files were previously indexed from another location. I receive the message that the file is missing from the indexedf location. I thought I had brought them all back into DT, but must have missed this group before deleting the indexed location.

But I can still access the files using DT to Go. They download just fine.

This gives me hope that I haven’t entirely lost them.

How might I go about getting to these files. There are only about 24 files in the group.

But I can still access the files using DT to Go. They download just fine.

That’s because DEVONthink To Go doesn’t supporting indexed files.

Control-click a missing item in DEVONthink’s Window > Log and choose Reveal. Do you see a Download button?

I do not show a Download button. I only see a Show in Finder button, which, when clicked, does nothing except sound an alarm.

Did you modify the parent folder of the indexed files in the Finder or move/delete them?

I deleted them.

I’m confused. You say they’re missing but you intentionally deleted them. Why would you expect them to not be missing?

If you delete indexed files, they will be removed from the database.
Were they indexed in a cloud-synced location, like Dropbox?

You could try to duplicate the indexed files, the next sync should send the duplicates back to the Mac. Or you could send them via email (depending on the number & size of files of course).

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I realized that the deleted files were still in the trashcan. I moved them back into the database.

They were also in the Trash in devonthink.