Indexed files and auto classify: do we need replicants?


I have a bunch of files that I have indexed with DevonThink, and I have found out that a nice way to organise them is to create replicants in some groups I created inside DT. I would now like to find a way to use the auto-classification for this. At the moment, when I do auto-classify on an indexed file, it is moved to a group. I’m worried that this move would make the data move as well and make it unavailable in its initial location. Is it the case? (I made some initial tests and things appear to work well, but I’d rather be sure.)

Also, will this pose a problem when updating the indexed items?

Thanks a lot,



Moving items within DEVONthink do not affect the filesystem outside itself. Only files within it’s database file (dtBase2) are moved, not the files they point to outside it.

This is great! Thanks a lot for the quick reply.