Indexed files and folders

Hello everyone,

I have many folders and files saved on a NAS that are normally indexed in groups in DTP.

Often, to add a new file, I drag it from the Desktop to the corresponding group, and DTP indexes it after copying it to the right folder on the NAS.

Unfortunately, I realize that when the NAS was accidentally turned off, the folders and files were copied directly to the DTP database, without being saved on the NAS and indexed.

How can I get these many files and folders saved in the database transferred to the NAS and indexed?

Thanks for your advice!


Select the item in DEVONthink and choose Data > Move to External Folder. This will move the file to the indexed parent group in the Finder (a process we call ‘deconsolidating’, incidentally).

Sure I’m doing something wrong, but the Data > Move to External Folder option is still grayed out in the menu (the NAS is mounted)…

See page 144 of the outstanding “DEVONthink Handbook”.

Move To External Folder: Use this command to move a non-indexed item, e.g.,imported or created in DEVONthink, out to an indexed folder in the Finder

is “firefox deved-3.png” an indexed file, e.g. already external to DEVONthink?

It’s ok, I had to select the parent folder (which was not indexed either) and not just the files… of course!

Thanks a lot for your help.

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