Indexed Files in Database Fail to Export

In DTPO1, I have a database that I use to create indices of DVDs that I store off-site. Most of these converted in DTPO2 just fine. But…some of these are iPhoto Library Discs. In the DTPO 1 database, the file structure of the disc is preserved and there are nice little thumbnails pointing to photo files. When I try to convert these to a DTPO2 database or to export them from DTPO1, export fails. Specifically, the structure within the iPhoto Library Disc is preserved, so all the folders, etc. are exported, but none of the index files pointing to the .jpgs are exported. Oddly enough, I have a few indexed .avi files in there and they are exported. Screenshot below shows the difference between the two. Any ideas on this?
Picture 3.png
Picture 1.png

Did you notice any messages in the Log window?

Just “failed”

I had a few Index-captured folders in successfully converted databases. Index-captured documents display the “Indexed” symbol (a new one for DT 2) and the Paths are correct.

But an obvious difference is that the Paths to them were “live” at the time of conversion, whereas your indexed DVDs were offline.

Don’t have time at the moment, but will try an experiment when I do have time: create a sample DT 1 database with Index captures. Deliberately break some, but not all, Paths by deleting some of the external indexed files. Then convert to DT 2 database. What happens? Anyone want to try that?

My hunch is it’s related to that, too. And maybe KP can confirm that the AVI file was still online and just the JPEGs weren’t.

Nope, it’s an indexed iPhoto DVD that’s stored elsewhere. None of the files in this database are “live.” They are all indexed archival DVDs stored offsite.

In this database, there were also indexed DVDs with indexed .m4v files, indexed .m4p files, indexed .dmg files, they imported fine. It just seems to be the indexed .jpg files that failed.